Your Best Version

As Rex was speaking at EMR, I looked around the room and watched the Global Leadership Team react. I could see the emotion and impact that Rex’s video was having on them. Of course, I cannot read minds, so I cannot say exactly what they were thinking, but if they were thinking the same thing as me, they’d be silently committing to do more and be better. They would be filled with pride that they were part of a company that was committed to doing it right. 

Rex said: “I have learned that solid principles and core beliefs do not have a “sell by” date. It is never old fashioned or out of style to be nice to each other, to honor your commitments and to treat people how you would wish to be treated.”

The video was not an epic Hollywood style presentation; there was no loud music, dancers or pyrotechnics. Just a single shot of Rex in his office, sharing his heartfelt and genuine advice to each of these Forever Global leaders. 

So how is this simple video able to inspire us so deeply?

I believe the answer lies in this simple anecdote; “be the best version of you!” This expression is so ubiquitous that I am not sure who said it first, but the message is clear. 

Rex has always strived to be the best he can be. He does not take short cuts in any aspect of his life and it shows. So like Rex, you can stand head and shoulders above the rest by being the best version of you.

How does this work? We are more often than not our own worst critics. We know when we haven’t given it our best. We know when we could have made one more call, stayed a little longer or listened a little harder. We do not need others to tell us, instinctively we know if we have taken a short cut. Brilliant, inspiring leaders do not take short cuts. They are all in, all of the time!

So if the judge in the mirror is satisfied with your efforts I promise you that when the time comes for you to lead and inspire, you won’t need dancers or pyrotechnics either. But you will bring tears to my eyes.


Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan
President, Forever Living Products