Forever Living Packs Over 1 Million Meals for Rise Against Hunger

Phoenix, Arizona  - The sales force and staff of Forever Living Products, the world’s largest producer of Aloe Vera and manufacturer of Aloe-based health and beauty products, have committed themselves to participate in volunteer meal packing events around the world. They have teamed up with the NPO Rise Against Hunger with the goal to reach 1 million meals by the end of 2017. In just over six months, Forever Living Products has already reached that goal, showing the enthusiasm and overwhelming outpour of support that its staff and sales force have had for the organization.  “1.5 million meals is now our new goal” says  Aidan O’Hare, Executive Vice President of Asia, Europe and Marketing.  The meals are donated to children in countries like Zimbabwe, India, Turkey and have even gone to the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot – Dubai to assist in case of natural disasters. In other countries, Rise Against Hunger provides free meals in schools, which means schools do not need to spend their budget on nutrition and can focus on education of teachers, learning aids and sanitary facilities instead. 

Hard Work for a Worthy Cause

The cooperation between Forever Living Products and Rise Against Hunger began in 2015 with a meal packing event at one of its global events in Singapore. Since then, many more local branches of the company have pledged to pack together with their independent Forever Business Owners, who form the sales force of this Direct Sales Company. Through the donations made to Forever Giving, a charity organization supported by Forever Living Products, the meals and organization of the events are paid for, then Business Owners invest a few hours to physically package the meals. “The mission of Rise Against Hunger to both end world hunger and teach people to the skills they need to live a healthy life, fits very well with the mission of Forever to improve lives” says O’ Hare. “The key to the success is the physical labor that our individual Business Owners put into this project. Participating in one of those meal packing events creates a better understanding of how many people live in less fortunate circumstances and how providing nutritional meals can be life changing for them. Besides that, we turn the meal packing events into fun experiences that increase the companionship among them.”

President and CEO of Rise Against Hunger, Rod Brooks, shared this message with Forever Living Products in honor of completing 1 million meals. 


About Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger works hard to stop hunger by providing simple, nutritional prepacked meals and helping the most vulnerable people. The help that the organization offers is a combination of meals and the provision of the necessary resources to meet its own needs. Attention to hunger in the world is important. Worldwide, 795 million people do not eat enough. From 20 cities in the United States, 6 international locations in South Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy, India and Peru, Rise Against Hunger involves volunteers from churches, schools, associations and companies in this project. For more information about Rise Against Hunger, see

About Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products (1978, USA) has offices worldwide in over 155 countries and is active in Direct Sales through self-employed entrepreneurs (Forever Business Owners). Forever offers health, beauty and wellness products based on Aloe Vera. Forever is the world's largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products worldwide and manages its own production and commercial chain, "from plant to product to you". Forever is constantly developing innovative products and a wider range of products aimed at both helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle but also offering an income opportunity for those with business ambitions. Forever supports Rise Against Hunger from our global offices and through the charitable organization, Forever Giving. Learn more about Forever Giving at To learn more about Forever Living Products, visit


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