Forever vows to uphold the highest quality standards for its products and our values and commitment to manufacturing the best product on this planet has never wavered. We stand by this promise to provide our consumers with an uncompromised quality of products. Ensure that you will get what we promise you – buy genuine Forever Products only from our registered Forever Business Owners (FBO) or directly from the company.  Forever offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a Liberal Buy Back policy only when your purchases are made through authentic channels of a registered Forever Business owner or when bought directly from the company.
Forever will undertake strict legal action against those indulging in unauthorized sales of Forever Products through unauthorized channels such as online platforms/online sellers/websites/apps /shops in violation of the Gazette Notification GSR 1013 (E) dated 26th October 2016 on Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 issued by the Ministry of Consumer affairs, which is applicable to Forever and all its FBOs.


  1. Forever DOES NOT take the responsibility for the authenticity or quality of products and sales made from such unauthorized channels. In the past Forever has received complaints of tampered and spurious products being sold through such unauthorized channels. As such, Forever cannot guarantee the authenticity and quality of the products purchased from unauthorized channels and shall not be liable for any dispute arising out of the transactions between customers and any unauthorized channel(s)
  2. Forever Business Owners (FBOs) are happy to provide valuable services like free demonstrations, free assessments and any information/advice on the product and it’s usage.
  3. Sale of Forever’s products through unauthorized channels such as Online Platforms/Online Sellers, Shops etc. is completely prohibited.
  4. Only those Forever Products which are purchased through Forever Business Owners or other Authorized Channels as above are guaranteed for genuineness and quality and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee for consumers along with a liberal buy back policy.
  5. Genuine Forever Products are sold only through authorized distributors known as “Forever Business Owners” and through our Product Centres

Detailed Forever Living Products policies, procedures and rules of conducts in this regards are available here