Forever Visits AZ Burn Foundation's Camp Courage

Forever Living Products is a proud sponsor of Arizona Burn Foundation. In 1991, AZ Burn created a camp for children who had suffered severe burn injuries to find a place where they can feel empowered and safe through friendship, learning and experiencing something new. Camp Courage is a camp for children between the ages of 5 and 16 from all of the state of Arizona and the United States that is held annually in Prescott, Arizona. 

This unique camp was created to address the emotional needs of the children, while giving them opportunities to build lasting frienships with other children who have been through similar experiences. Forever was honored to visit Camp Courage in 2016 to learn about what happens at the camp and why so many children seek going each year. 

Not only do the camp counselors for AZ Burn have a true passion for fire safety and education, as many of them are firefighters and medical care givers, but they also have a true passion for the kids who attend camp. The experience as Camp Courage go far beyond just the average rock climb, ropes course or horseback ride. Each of the experiences these children have are based on therapeutic healing. 

Camp Courage also boasts the title of the safest camp to send your kids, as mentioned before, the counselors consist of many trained medical staff and the onsite physician is prepared to care for any child who is still in need of medical treatment for burns. That means everyone has a chance to visit camp, no matter what their limitations are. Even bicycles and activities are altered to fit the needs for children who have limitations with their limbs due to serious burns, so that everyone has a chance to do something they've never been able to do before. 

Learn more about the AZ Burn Foundation and Camp Courage on Facebook! 


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