FAB Forever Active Boost™

It's time for a reinforcement! FAB is a fast and refreshing way to stay energized and alert all day.

El estímulo que te ofrece FAB es diferente al de otras bebidas energéticas porque te proporciona tanto energía inmediata como a largo plazo. La energía inmediata viene de la guaraná, mientras que la tecnología ADX7 te proporciona energía a largo plazo.

12 x 250ml.


  • Provides immediate and long-term energy
  • Powerful patented formula of adaptogenic herbs

We all know how exhausting a busy and active lifestyle can be - from deadlines in the office and picking up children at school, to soccer practices, grocery shopping and chores. How can anyone have enough energy for so much, all the time? Forever has found a solution to help you keep going when you run out of power - FAB Forever Active Boost ™ Energy Drink.

The stimulus offered by FAB is different from other energy drinks because it provides both immediate and long-term energy. The immediate energy comes from the guarana, a natural ingredient very popular in Brazil, while the ADX7 technology provides you with long-term energy: this technology is a patented formula of adaptogenic herbs and other nutritional supplements developed by a leading scientist and researcher and specialist in sports. ADX7 has helped Russian track and field athletes to win over 130 medals in Olympic competitions!

FAB is a fast and refreshing way to stay energized and alert all day. It revitalizes you so that you have the strength and concentration to achieve not only what you have to do but also what you would like to do.

Enjoy it at any time for a natural energy boost.