Forever Aloe MPD

Very effective detergent

This safe, concentrated detergent cleans thoroughly, degreases en removes stains without leaving scratches or marks on the surface. It's a versatile product that could replace a few products in your kitchen cabinet.

An environmental friendly and multifunctional detergent that is mild on the skin. Perfect for the laundry, dishwashing (not recommended for the dishwasher), cleaning of windows, mirrors, floors, bathrooms, walls, tiles ans carpets. It removes dirt, degreases and doesn't scour.

  • For a normal wash in the washing machine: Use 15 ml. For removing stains you can apply a small quantity directly on the stained surface, add some water and let it sink in. You can also apply a small quantity on the stained surface before you enter it into the washing machine. Be careful and always test if the item is colorfast on a seam on the inside.
  • Multifunctional use: Dilute 30 ml detergent with 3,78 liters of water. For cleaning household goods, floors, bathrooms, tiles, carpet and the in-and outside of cars.
  • Household: Soft for the hands. Use a few drops of the detergent with a sponge or cloth for clean plates. Removes stains in the carpet and more (not recommended for dishwashers).