F15 Beginner 1 & 2 - Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla

Choose your fitness level!

With beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, you can decide where your journey takes you.

15 day pack


Take the next step with F15 on your way to look and feel better. Whether you have only just started taking more exercise and eating more healthily or are already quite experienced in this field: F15 has the right level on offer for everyone. Choose F15 BEGINNER if you would like to embark on a more healthy lifestyle.

For whom:
F15 BEGINNER is the right program for you if you have recently completed C9 or if you hardly take any exercise, if at all, and would like to embark on a healthier lifestyle. This program will teach you all basic fitness skills using straightforward workouts which do not require any special equipment. You will find an exercise table and food schedule, recipes and useful tips to help you opt for healthy or healthier lifestyle choices.

F15 contains (for 15 days):
Forever Aloe Vera Gel™ (2 x 1-litre)
Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla™ (15 meals)
Forever Therm™ (30 tablets)
Forever Garcinia Plus™ (90 softgels)
Forever Fiber™ (15 sticks)
F15 Beginner brochure

Forever F.I.T. introduction video