Sonya™ volumizing mascara

Pump up the volume!

Volumizing mascara conditions and softens with natural ingredients for healthy, vibrant eyes.

Helps lashes appear thicker and fuller
7 different conditioners
3 types of natural wax to add thickness
Three different types of natural wax: beeswax, carnauba and candelilla add flexibility and plasticity to the formula, which allows the mascara to effortlessly comb through your lashes and catch each one. Plus, the wax naturally adds thickness, making each lash appear fuller.
We utilize quality ingredients, like naturally derived sugar polymers, which are specifically designed for helping hold your lashes in place. Besides helping your lashes look alluring when the mascara is on, Sonya™ volumizing mascara acts as a conditioner to improve the overall quality of your lashes even when the mascara is off—leaving these fine hairs softer and better than before.